Athlete Development Program

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ADP Head Coach Jeff Gieschen Kicks Off the Program

Well what a start it has been for our ADP squad. We are really excited about the program we have put together at Kambrya College. We have developed a credible program that allows our students to have access to quality people that have been successful at the top level and people that are genuinely eager to see our squad improve.

We were fortunate enough to meet with former Richmond coach and AFL umpiring director Jeff Gieschen in Week 2. Jeff was really engaging with the students and touched on topics which applied to our squad, including handling pressure at school, homework, friendships and sport. Jeff was touted as the best young football talent in the Gippsland area at the age of 13, so much so he had a sticker of himself being handed out at the local petrol stations to stick on the back of the family car. Jeff spoke about the challenges this brought him, as well as all the positives that came his way.


ADP Wednesday Morning Training Sessions

Today we had our first Wednesday morning ADP session. It was great to see all the students there early, ready to go for their first session.

The morning begun at 7.30am with a small tour of our weights room.  Students were able to familiarise themselves with some of the equipment they will be using throughout the year.

They were also able to try on samples for our ADP training tops for sizing, which hopefully will be ready in the coming weeks. For those who were unable to attend there will be opportunities for them to try on samples to be sure they are fitted properly.

We also had our young athletes involved in some fun competitive activities, followed by a team beep test. A big well done to all our ADP students who were able to reach level 19 in their teams.

We look forward to the coming weeks in which the students will be getting stuck into their training programs, which have been designed specifically for our students by JETTS Gym’s Personal Trainers.


Former Vixen Sarah Wall Delivers Netball Program

Students have taking part in Net Fit sessions run by former ANZ Championship Winning player Sarah Wall. The focus of the sessions are on fast feet and hands and maintaining consistency when fatigued. At the end of the first session, Sarah shared her story about overcoming injuries and rejection and learning to never give up and always work hard to achieve your goals. All the ADP students received high levels of praise from Sarah for the effort throughout the sessions.


Ryan Waight Delivers Session On Attitude and Performance

Week 3 saw the squad introduced to Ryan Waight. Ryan has worked with many big named athletes including Adam Gilchrist, Steve Monegetthi, Leigh Colbert, Layne Beachley and David Parkin, as well as corporate businesses with presentations on the importance of leadership, goal setting and attitude. The big message the students took away from Ryan was K.I.N.D. Knowing Is Not Doing. Ryan allowed the squad to consider their own interpersonal and intrapersonal goals and what they could do in order to achieve those goals. Ryan will be back throughout the year to work with the students and ensure they are on task to achieve their goals they have set.


Trevor Burnette ADP Basketball Coach

Our basketballers have been introduced to Trevor Burnette who came in to run a Wednesday morning training session. Trevor has experience as a USA College Basketball player and senior Coach, Vic Metro coach, Director of Coaching at a Representative level, and as an Individual Skills Trainer. He has trained numerous WNBL, NBL players, National Players off the Worlds Teams for AUS and training current state players. The ADP basketballers undertook a session which focused on the importance of good ball handling skills. They thoroughly enjoyed the session and will be working closely with Trevor throughout the year.


Ola Luczak On the Importance of Diet and Nutrition

Week 4 saw the ADP introduced to Dietitian Ola Luczak who come in and delivered a session with the kids on nutrition and their diet. Ola has worked with elite and junior athletes across a range of sports including Tennis Victoria, National Theatre Ballet School, Accelerate Elite Athlete Performance Program (AFL) and worked with some big named clubs including St. Kilda and Melbourne Victory. The kids were encouraged to look at their own diets and developed their own meal plans that they are going to implement. We look forward to Ola coming in and working with the students throughout the year.


Ryan Waight Delivers Session On Focus and Control

The session started out with Ryan discussing the importance of focusing on the things that they are able to control, being attitude and action and how important it is to focus as much time as possible on these two.
Ryan then discussed the importance of using time effectively and deciphering items in our life that are important, not important, urgent and not urgent. The session ended with a crucial underlying message of "good solid choices" regarding the use of time.


Kambrya’s Athlete Development Program (ADP) tours the Kennel

On Friday 6th of June, Kambrya’s Year 7 Athlete Development Program students were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to tour the Whitten Oval, made even more special by a once in a life time private tutorial with Western Bulldogs head coach Luke Beveridge.

The ADP students, who had former Richmond Coach and head ADP coach Jeff Gieschen touring them around, began their day watching the Western Bulldogs senior squad train and prepare for their upcoming game against the Adelaide Crows. Many of the players made their time available after training to chat to our students and it was a great chance for them to ask questions and get photos with the players they look up to.

Another highlight of the day was the tour of the Whitten Oval in which the ADP students got an insight into what an elite sporting organisation looks like. The professionalism of the staff and quality of the facilities was very impressive to see.

The highlight of the day was of course an unexpected 40 minute tutorial with Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge, who made his time available the day before a match to speak with our students. Luke spoke about leadership, attitude and the importance of team values. This was an invaluable session for the ADP students and left an unbelievably positive impression on the whole group.


Semester One Wrap Up

What a sensational start that we have had to our first Semester of the Athlete Development Program. So many highlights and a lot of hard work from our students. The bar has been set extremely high for years to come with the majority of the student’s effort, attitude, behaviour and classwork all being of high standard. What is most impressive is not only their commitment to their training and sport, but the commitment and effort they have all put in to their class tasks, highlighted by their Fundamental Motor Skills presentations which were exceptionally good.

The Wednesday morning training sessions have given the teachers an opportunity to see first-hand the effort the students put into their training. All students have turned up every Wednesday morning with a fantastic attitude, every session have given 100% and as a result we are seeing improvements across the board. We have no doubt these improvements are being noticed in their sport on the weekends.

We have had so many great people coming in to work with the students. This has provided an opportunity for them to ask questions and learn off elite people who have been at the top of their sports. Former Richmond Coach Jeff Gieschen, former Vixen and ANZ championship player Sarah Wall and state basketball coach Trevor Burnette have all been regular visitors and have helped in developing the student’s skills, as well as sharing their experiences of success and challenges through their own personal journeys. We have also been lucky enough to have Ryan Waight as a regular guest working with the students on attitude and leadership. Ryan has worked with numerous athletes including former Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist and world champion surfer Layne Beachley to name a couple. Dietician Ola Luczak has been discussing the importance of nutrition and is giving the students all the knowledge they need to make healthy choices. We have also been lucky enough to have Australian Diamond netballer Liz Watson in to run a session with the group.

There’s no doubt that the highlight of the semester was our trip to the Western Bulldogs training facilities out at Whitten Oval. Students got to watch a training session, meet the players, tour the facilities as well as have a 40 minute tutorial with the head coach Luke Beveridge. An experience that they will not forget for a long time.


ADP Semester One Achievement

We have also had some significant achievements from our students throughout the Semester. We would like to recognise and congratulate the following ADP students.

  • Zac Meyer – State Swimming
  • Isaac Hla – Australian Open Table Tennis – Main draw entry, Round 2, SMR Table Tennis
  • Brodie Fowkes – South East Interleague Division 1 footy team
  • Tim Jenson – South East Interleague Division 2 footy team, SMR Cross Country
  • Skye Wallace – SMR Cross Country, SMR Table Tennis
  • Kaitlyn Amos – SMR Netball, SMR cross country
  • Tyler Hocking - South East Interleague Division 2 footy team, SMR Cross Country
  • Jemma Lucas - SMR Cross Country
  • Olivia Marsham – SMR Netball, SMR Cross Country
  • Max Taylor - SMR Cross Country
  • Summer Hinchliffe - SMR Netball
  • Shae Hlacvek - SMR Netball