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 Sister Schools 
Kambrya College has been fortunate enough to secure successful relationships with sister schools in both Germany and Japan.

Our sister school in Germany is called Altkönigschule (AKS) and is located in Kronberg, on the outskirts of Frankfurt. Kronberg is a picturesque town, with many of the buildings in the oldest quarter dating back to the 16th Century. AKS is a ‘Gesamtschule’ which comprises all three tiers of the German High School system (from years 5 to 13). It boasts excellent facilities, having just completed stage two of a full relocation and renovation of its campuses. As of 2011, our school has made two amazing visits to the school and enjoyed much of German culture including a three day trip to Munich, and excursions to Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria and Strasbourg (France). We have also welcomes one group of German students to Kambrya and are expecting our second visit in June/ July 2012.

The school’s website can be visited here:

In Japan, we have two sister schools in Osaka city. Exchanges to Osaka run every other year and both of these schools are visited in the one trip. Osaka is an interested place to visit as it is a mixture of both modern city life and tradition. Both Kyoto and Hiroshima city are easily accessed from Osaka city.

Hatsushiba Ritsumeikan has the longest standing relationship with Kambrya located in Osaka. College and we have conducted many trips between our two schools. Hatsushiba Ritsumeikan is a private school which focuses on a range of academics including Maths, Science and English.

The schools website can be accessed at:

Sakuranomiya High school is also based in Osaka and is a sport academy. They have a range of impressive facilities to support their students to excel in sports. Their website link is below:

Our newest Sister School is located in Akita Prefecture to the far north of the main island. Kokusai Joho Gakuin is a school that prides itself on a fantastic international program with a focus on English teaching. Trips to this area run on the alternate year to the schools in Osaka. This trip flies into and out of Tokyo (including sightseeing of Tokyo) then a bullet train ride north. Akita is a lovely area and a great way to see both the city and the country. More information can be accessed on their website: