Sister Schools

Kambrya College has been fortunate enough to secure successful relationships with sister schools in both Germany, Japan and China.

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The sister school relationship with Altkönigschule (AKS), a comprehensive school in Kronberg on the outskirts of Frankfurt, was established in 2010 and sealed with a visit by our principal, Michael Muscat, to Kronberg. AKS is a ‘Gesamtschule’ which comprises all three tiers of the German High School system (from years 5 to 13). It boasts excellent facilities, having just completed stage two of a full relocation and renovation of its campuses. Student groups from Germany have visited a number of times and our next visit from Germany is expected in July/August this year. Students from Kambrya are also able to enjoy cultural trips to our sister school, Kronberg and other significant sites in Germany. 

Kronberg is a picturesque town, with many of the buildings in the oldest quarter dating back to the 16th Century. A number of local attractions can be found in Kronberg including the Schlosshotel, formerly the Schloss Friedrichshof, the residence of Princess Victoria, who was the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria and Empress Dowager of Germany.  

Students joining the cultural trip to AKS also visit Rüdesheim, which includes a Gondola ride above scenic Vineyards, a hike to Assmannshausen, a chairlift ride down to the banks of the Rhine, followed by a Rhine river cruise back to Rüdesheim. This amazing trip finishes with a few days in iconic Berlin.
Altkönigschule’s school’s website can be visited here:


In Japan, we have three sister schools - two in Osaka city and one in Akita. Exchanges to Osaka run every other year and both of these schools are visited in the one trip. Osaka is an interesting place to visit as it is a mixture of both modern city life and tradition. Both Kyoto and Hiroshima city are easily accessed from Osaka city. 

Hatsushiba Ritsumeikan has the longest standing relationship with Kambrya College, located in Osaka and we have conducted many trips between our two schools. Hatsushiba Ritsumeikan is a private school which focuses on a range of academics including Maths, Science and English. 

The schools website can be accessed at:

Sakuranomiya High school is also based in Osaka and is a sport academy. They have a range of impressive facilities to support their students to excel in sports. Their website link is:

Our newest Sister School is located in Akita Prefecture to the far north of the main island. Kokusai Joho Gakuin is a school that prides itself on a fantastic international program with a focus on English teaching. Trips to this area run on the alternate year to the schools in Osaka. This trip flies into and out of Tokyo (including sightseeing of Tokyo) then a bullet train ride north. Akita is a lovely area and a great way to see both the city and the country. More information can be accessed on their website:


In May 2012, a small delegation from our College joined the Austrade Australian Schools Mission to the city of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China and visited three schools who had expressed interest in forming sister school relationships with Australian schools. One of the schools we visited, Xianju Anzhou Middle School, was especially enthusiastic and we were able to move along very quickly in initiating our prospective relationship. Eleven weeks later, we received our first cultural visit from Xianju Anzhou Middle School!

The visit was so successful that, since then, student visits between the two schools occur twice a year, to and from China. While in China, Kambrya students have the opportunity to experience a Chinese homestay in Xianju and the beautiful Bund waterfront area, YuYuan Gardens, a traditional tea ceremony, and shop in the markets of Shanghai. In Beijing they are wowed by the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City.
As a result of the exchanges, the College introduced the teaching of Mandarin, in addition to German and Japanese languages from 2013. 
Another exciting initiative was the opportunity for two teachers to spend a month in China at the end of 2012, teaching English to students of Anzhou Middle School. It is hoped that there will be opportunities to further develop this inter-school relationship.

South Africa

As our college has a large South African representation of students and staff, who are eager to share their heritage, In July 2013, Mr Muscat and Mrs Naidu visited South Africa with the view to establishing a sister school relationship with Strelitzia Secondary School in Lotus Park, Kwa -Zulu Natal. The intention was to create student and teacher educational and cultural visits. 
Our visit to Strelitzia Secondary School was not only enlightening, but gave us an opportunity to look at what we as a college can do to make a difference to less fortunate children in South Africa. Strelitzia Secondary School works closely with the School of Hope, a preschool in the indigent community in Malagazi. A significant number of students from Strelitzia Secondary School live in this community. 

As part of their annual community project, our VCAL students have decided to raise funds to provide almost non-existent facilities and resources for this school.  In 2013, students and staff raised $2000 (ZAR 20 000) that provided a playground for the students. This was a much-needed facility and was greatly appreciated by the students and the school community.

Kambrya College and Strelitzia Secondary School were very eager to start the student cultural visits and in July this year three students and two staff visited our college. The students and teachers were in homestay for the duration of their visit and were treated to some great Australian hospitality.

We are in the process of planning our visit to South Africa in June 2015. The visit will include a homestay with students from Strelitzia Secondary School and a visit to the School of Hope. In addition, students will enjoy tours to a game reserve, the Apartheid Museum, Nelson Mandela’s home in SOWETO and a drive through the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains.

East Timor

Since 2002, Kambrya College has been linked to the Ermera district of Timor Leste through the friendship school program set up by Kirsty Sword-Gusmao.

Through this program we have been linked to Lete foho middle school, which is located in a rural village in the Ermera district. In 2011 two of Kambrya’s Humanities teachers travelled to Timor Leste in the inaugural Friends of Ermera Teacher trip, this allowed them to travel to and stay in our sister school community in Lete Foho. They spent time working in the school providing resources for the teaching of English to the students at Lete Foho middle school. From 2002 to today Kambrya has financially supported the school in many ways, with fundraising efforts going towards:

  • Teacher resources
  • The Donate a dictionary program
  • Teacher training scholarships 
  • Female student scholarships