Intensive English Language Program (IELP)

Kambrya College offers an on-site INTENSIVE ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAM. Students can enjoy the stability of immersing themselves in an IELP that is conducted in a mainstream school environment, and then continue their senior VCE studies in the same setting. This allows students to interact with their peers and learn about the cultural and educational aspects of life as a student in Australia. Students can form lasting relationships with both peers and teaching staff, without the need to then re-transition into a different mainstream school at the completion of their IELP. Alternatively, students can undertake their IELP at Kambrya College and then transfer into an alternative educational setting should they choose to do so.

The IELP program at Kambrya College is supported by a strong team of teachers and wellbeing staff. The program is delivered in specially allocated classrooms that are within close proximity of English and International Programs staff. Students have full access to their own kitchenette and lounge area.

The program includes the following aspects:

Cultural Orientation

  • Tour of local area
  • Tour of metropolitan area
  • Use of public transport
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Location of local services (post office, banks, public transport, supermarkets)
  • How to make a phone call (county codes, information)
  • Common Australian terminology (colloquialisms)
  • Australian learning styles (introduction to the different teaching methods to be expected in mainstream classes).


  • Orientation with the host family
  • Communication with the parents about academic progress and general wellbeing
  • Liaising between the host family and the student as required
  • Helping the student to understand the expectations of the host family
  • Education pathways and careers (focus on the structure of the Victorian educational system, educational pathways and career options).
  • Helping students to develop resilience to enable them to cope with the cultural transition to Australia and living away from home.

English language and literacy development

This will be the main content focus of the IELP. It will cover elements ranging from basic linguistic studies to textual analysis and broader contextual understanding. This will include:

  • Grammar and Function (teaching of linguistic rules, structures and features).
  • Pronunciation (focus on phonology including pronunciation, stress, rhythm and intonation according to needs, individual programs may be necessary).
  • Written, Visual and Oral Texts (teaching how to comprehend and produce spoken and written texts that are required in the mainstream curriculum).
  • Understanding the “hidden curriculum’ (explicitly exploring values and behaviours whilst acknowledging and embracing differences).

Learning, Research and Study Skills

The Kambrya College IELP will explicitly teach students new learning processes, tools and strategies (eg. use of graphic organisers, problem solving strategies etc).

There will also be a focus on investigative research skills in Australian schools, which might differ from requirements in each student’s mother country. These skills will include:

  • Using the library
  • Accessing the internet to research a project
  • Effective note taking skills
  • How to reference work correctly.