Becoming a host family

Kambrya College is fortunate to have very high quality homestay providers for our international students. Our students are well looked after in caring homes and are given many opportunities to enjoy family activities and cultural experiences. 

Homestay is a term used to describe full board accommodation offered by a family, a couple or a single person for which a set weekly fee is charged. This fee covers all expenses associated with providing food and shelter to an international student. This includes providing:

  • A single room for the student’s use
  • Three meals a day, seven days a week
  • Facilities – a bed, wardrobe, towels and linen
  • Utilities – gas, electricity, heating and water costs
  • Cleaning services of common living areas
  • Use of living areas within residence
  • Study facilities – desk, study light, bookcase.

The homestay experience is an excellent way for students to improve their English, learn more about Australian culture and to make the most of their international education experience. It is essential that homestay accommodation is of high quality and provides a safe, comfortable and caring environment.

Living with an International student
Host families are encouraged to assist the student’s cultural adjustment and support their community and social integration. Australian families with children attending the same school provide an opportunity for the student to develop social relationships which strengthen their cultural experience.

International students studying in the schools sector are teenagers, and arriving in a strange country can be a new and daunting experience for them. They will have to adjust to a different lifestyle, food, culture and language and many will also have very high expectations for academic achievement. Students may initially feel homesick or lonely and may show a lack of enthusiasm at times. Tiredness and minor illness is often an initial reaction. To overcome these feelings of cultural dislocation, we ask that you are supportive and understanding during this period.

The International program at Kambrya College continues to grow so if you are interested in providing a cultural experience to an International student whilst at the same time enriching your family life, please contact our International Student Coordinator, William Duncan on 9707 7600 or email for further information.