House System 


Students in from years 7-10 are taught within four vertical sub schools, each aligning itself with one of the College’s values and houses. Each vertical sub school has approximately 200 students and is led by a Sub School Leader, supported by an Assistant Sub School Leader and a team of teachers who have been associated with their sub school for a number of years. New Year 7 students will be placed in one of the sub schools and work with this team of teachers for 4 years. Each vertical sub school has a designated area in the College with its own staff offices, cluster of classrooms and lockers. Students will continue to be associated with their assigned Houses as they move into the Later Years.

The vertical sub school structure greatly improves our capacity to:

  • ‘know our students’ and track their progress over a four year period;
  • implement Personalised Learning;
  • improve the transition of students
  • effectively manage student behaviour and learning due to the development of long term working relationships between students, their parents and teachers;
  • build community spirit, and
  • develop student and parent connectedness to the College.


As an addition to Kambrya College’s successful sporting carnivals, we have introduced regular sporting and non sporting competitions between the sub schools. Through these competitions, students have the opportunity to work across year levels with other students who have similar interests and passions. Students are awarded house points for participation and for the winning teams. At the end of the year, the house with the most points overall has their name placed on the annual competition honours board.

The following competitions are scheduled for 2011:




Math Challenge

Netball (girls)
Football (boys)

Spelling Bee

Basketball (boys)
Basketball (girls)

Arts Competition

Ultimate Frisbee

Science Competition



As students move into the later years they transition into the Year 11 Sub School and the Year 12 Sub School. As with the vertical sub schools, each is led by a sub school leader and an assistant sub school leader. Sub school leaders are housed in the same office, providing opportunity for staff to liaise with one another to ensure maximum opportunity for the smooth transition from year 11 to year 12. Additionally the later years office is supported by the VASS administrator and the Careers Team.