Wellbeing Team

At Kambrya College we place a high importance on providing our students with a holistic supportive environment. Our school motto is Maximising the potential of each student. We believe this means more than merely preparing our students academically for the next step of their lives. It means providing an environment which gives them the opportunity and skills they will need to thrive in any environment.

Our school approach to wellbeing is well researched, evidenced based and grounded in positive psychology. We believe in fostering a culture of resilience, positive social interactions, compassion, integrity and respect. We aim to provide a supportive community which nurtures our students and empowers them to work through whatever challenges that they will face now, and in the years to come.

The wellbeing team at Kambrya consists of four key staff members:

Mr Andrew Reeves
Wellbeing coordinator/Chaplain/Pastoral Care

Ms Natalie Mitchell
Pastoral Care/External Programs Liaison

Ms Rebecca Kent
Pastoral Care

Ms Kristy Vincent
DEECD Health Nurse

Collaboratively, our wellbeing team works closely with school leaders, teachers, families and support staff to ensure that a holistic approach to education permeates throughout the school community. We also collaborate with a broad range of external agencies to coordinate appropriate support for our students.