Kambrya Alumni


The purpose of the Kambrya Alumni is to provide opportunities for former students to maintain positive connection with the College.  It will help to facilitate reunions of past students, participate in fundraising and explore opportunities for former students to contribute to Kambrya College.

Organising Committee:
An organising committee, made up of about ten former students to meet several times each year to co-ordinate and promote the activities of Kambrya Alumni.  Sarah Hewat and the Principal will be actively involved.  The organising committee will elect a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Secretary.

The Alumni:
The Alumni itself will be made up of notable former students of the College.  The organising committee will actively seek out former school captains (and other student leaders), students who have been awarded with ‘Dux of the College’, students who have achieved success in trades, professions, sport, The Arts and any other student who shares a passion or abiding interest in Kambrya College.

The organising committee will meet once every school term to plan activities.  An annual general meeting dinner will be held in June each year.  The purpose of the AGM is to provide a forum and seek input from the Alumni, keep the Alumni up to date in relation to the progress of Kambrya College and provide an opportunity for social enjoyment.