Yesterday's Parent Teacher Conferences

Hi Cam
It was great to see you yesterday. We were extremely happy with how all our conferences went and were impressed with all the staff we met. It was at our first conference at a different school, that our concerns there really took hold and it was wonderful to see how different the experience at Kambrya was. We definitely made the right choice. One thing that came up in our discussion with Pam Crago was the amount of training the teachers were given in preparation for teaching the SEAL class. This was something we were unaware of. We attended many school information nights last year and Zane tested for 4 different accelerated programs (2 SEAL, 2 not) and this aspect of the difference between the SEAL program and the school-run ones wasn't mentioned.

At his previous school, the teacher’s lack of understanding around teaching their accelerated learning program was one of our biggest concerns. With hindsight, knowing how much more training the SEAL program teachers get could potentially have swayed us further towards that program from the outset. We were told it was a government authorised program but weren't given much detail about what that process was or how that benefited the students. The previous school explained the difference away by saying they had more flexibility to tailor the program for each student rather than have to follow government 'catch-all' guidelines. Just thought you might like to know that for future reference when talking to prospective parents.

Also, it was really heartening to hear Alex Harding talk about his experience. He said that although the music class wasn't part of the SEAL program it was impossible not to take that into account when teaching that group of kids. He said when you have a group of kids who are able to learn faster and committed to doing it then naturally they progressed through the work at a different pace. Again, this is very different to the previous school where the teachers outside of the Accelerated program didn't even seem to be aware that that particular class was the Accelerated one and they thought it was appropriate for the kids to waste up to half of their class time playing games when they finished the work quickly. Just a bit of happy feedback we thought you might like to hear.

Genna (Parent)

My son from Berwick Fields Primary School attended an experience day yesterday and from all reports had a fantastic day and a great experience and introduction to secondary school.

I've never seen my child so engaged and excited about the endless possibilities his future education can take. Well done to all those involved and for taking the time to transition my child from primary to secondary school.

Michelle (Parent)

I really wanted to express my sincere thanks to you as a principal team, but also to the amazing staff, for making my transition period into your College such a wonderful and positive experience.

You all must be commended on how well the College runs, including all the staff you employ, to deliver a top class educational setting that I am extremely proud to be a part of now. It is such a pleasure to sit in classrooms where the teachers can hold the attention of the entire class whilst they deliver their lessons and witness students as they listen intently and learn.

Working with students on the autism spectrum, and other disabilities, and classes like W7A and W8A this is so crucially important - more so than just an average classroom - and the teachers that I have had the pleasure of assisting have all shown outstanding professionalism and dedication in their role as class teachers.  I have sent each of these teachers an email to show my appreciation. 

I appreciate the courtesy, friendship and respect that so many staff have shown me, even staff I don't really know yet, and the students too have shown amazing levels of respect and kindness, opening doors for me and just saying good morning with a lovely smile as you walk past them. The students are extremely lucky to be attending a school that offers so much both in and out of the classroom and i feel honoured to be part of this setting.

So, well done, you must all be doing something right for this to be so evident in my role. It certainly makes my job as an integration Officer so much easier and I have truly enjoyed my settling in period here. 

Julie Smith (Newly appointed Educational Support staff member in 2015.)

I started my secondary school education at Kambrya College in 2009. It was a year of firsts with the introduction that year of both the High Achiever’s Program and the creation of vertical sub-schools.

My attendance at Kambrya College allowed me to not only develop good relationships with my teachers and peers, but also to extend my interests to involvement in activities in the wider local community.

I shall always remember my 6 years at Kambrya College and the valuable assistance and support given to me throughout that time by outstanding teachers, especially in my final VCE year.

Adrian Harper-Gomm, 2014 VCE Graduate

Feedback on the Year 7 Accelerated Program

The work that you and your team have done with your W7A program is nothing short of outstanding. My son was a child who disliked school, struggled with basic concepts and shied away from challenges and learning. With your teams guidance and support we have watched him transform into a student who wants to learn, is self driven, cares about his achievements and constantly wants to improve himself. His academic progress is amazing, he has learnt more in the last year, than in the previous four years combined.

My son has stated that this year has been his best and most enjoyable school year. These changes have also impacted positively in his personal life and growth. From a child who's future was unclear, we now have an eager young man that is opening up a world of opportunities for himself. We are excited at looking forward to next year to watch Calebs continued growth.

Munier (Parent)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my pride in your school and the achievements of the students works of art on display and presented during the 'Evening of Excellence'. We were lucky enough to have both our children's works on display and for Dayna to win the inaugural Principals Award for her pixilated self portrait painting. I know she and others have put hours of work in to their art pieces and it was a great night to recognise their efforts. Your school - our school has bought out the best in our kids with special mentions to Sarah Day, Leia Hands, Margaret Ellis and a big WOW to Cameron Denham. Dayna is in an excellent frame of mind leading into the exams ahead which is very satisfying for us as parents.

Thank you again for your schools leadership as Principal.

Brian and Lisa O'Shannessy

Kambrya College recognised my academic and leadership potential early in year 7 and continues to nurture it until today. Kambrya College not only equipped me with the knowledge to understand where I wanted to go in life but provided me with the skills and encouragement to do so effectively. This is precisely the reason I am grateful for my time at Kambrya College.

I am now a final year Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws student. I work at Shine Lawyers and volunteer for the Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning Program and Centre for Multicultural Youth. I am also fortunate to be selected for clerkship positions at Clayton Utz, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and the State Revenue Office Victoria. 

Nadeem Hekmat, School Captain, 2010

Kambrya College has assisted me in achieving many aspirations with the main goal of studying at University. I graduated VCE in 2010 at Kambrya College and have recently completed a double Degree in Sport and Outdoor Recreation / Education at Monash University.

I am now a qualified school teacher majoring in Physical Education, Health, and Outdoor Education. I received tremendous support from many teachers when going through personal situations as well as spending quality time to help me achieve high scores with my studies. I just want to say that I had a great experience at Kambrya College and thank the teachers who guided me where I am today. 

Ryan Marsland, Graduated 2010